About Us

We are a small family of three from Denmark, who has decided to follow our dream and travel the world. In short, we are searching for a new lifestyle abroad. We have therefore quitted our jobs, rented out our house and sold our lovely horse to explore new ways of living.

We believe that the best way to explore the world is to meet the local people and get involved in their daily life.

Christian (47 years), is the IT-kind-off-guy, who can help with everything from fixing a computer, setting up Internet, developing websites or fixing the mobile phone. But he is also passionate about photography and nature. He loves to go for a walk-about and spot special reptiles, plants and sceneries. Another of his greatest interests is to learn new cooking styles, which we all enjoy greatly. He has had his own business for the past five years within nature, technology and coaching.

Sarah (21 years), is a great rider and she loves all kinds of animals. That includes reptiles, something her dad has taught her ☺ For the past six years, she has spent all her sparetime riding horses, and showing horses in the style of western riding. She has just finished her Senior High School last year, and she dreams about becoming a professional horse trainer and studying fine art. One of sarah’s main goals for this journey is also to seek out opportunities for learning new techniques within the field of visual art.

Christel (44 years) is also a rider, and have a great passion for horses, international education and learning about new cultures. She had been working within the international education sector for the past five years, and has had a great deal of travelling to East Africa, India and Nepal within her professional work. She dreams about having a lifestyle that includes meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and have a bit more slow career path, and simple living.

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